My Paintings are inspired by the writings of Robert MacFarlane such as ‘The Wild Places’ which describes transitory happenings in the wild. His beautiful imagery lead me to investigate dream-like inner and outer landscapes, questioning how the land is perceived to not just humans but wildlife and nature too. My practice evolves around the idea of seeing the world and trying to fathom it.

Through the use of an unusual mix of materials, I create landscapes or dreamscapes which are representative of our imagination, attributing personal human meanings to the fleeting aspects of nature that breathes alongside us. The distinction between what is alive and inanimate becomes blurred. My paintings invite the viewer to imagine deeper into the water in an attempt to visualise what it sees; looking back up at the trees as they peer down into it – this is how nature must see itself.

There is often an element of chance in the paintings through a tactile approach which is full of human meaning as the paintings themselves have a history by the processes worked and re-worked, added and subtracted, peeled, scraped, only to add paint again. The process reveals the structures and movement beneath the surface, whilst mimicking the slow progression of geological time. The landscape lives and breathes alongside us. It is often described by Macfarlane as a living entity that feels and sees.  “It watches us arrive, it will watch us leave”.

I also enjoy creating handmade, marbled polymer jewellery inspired by the minerals of the earth, combining the idea of our relationship with the landscape.

Katie Hammond